Live is a new way to experience concerts — hands-free. Take a look around at any concert you go to today and you’ll see people holding their phones up to record and share moments. Not only are they reducing their chance to connect with others, they’re viewing a lesser experience of the show through a screen.

Looking at life through a screen and not being in the moment totally - if you’re doing that, you’re 50 percent there right?
— Roger Daltrey

With the microphone inside the phone, the app could assess the musical quality of the concert. Using the phone's accelerometer, Live could gauge crowd interaction based on movement alone. With the device's GPS, Live could record the movement inside the venue to monitor excitement.


The visualization display is controlled by the waveform. Scrubbing through the waveform dynamically controls the content. Z-Depth influenced a large portion of the app design as I wanted the app to feel entirely immersive with the content. Users could see into the application as I wanted the visualizer to feel dynamic behind the 2D content.


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